Smart Meter Program

2nd Energy Smart Meter Program helps homeowners achieve saving on Local City electricity bills by going with a low cost Solar Program sponsored by the local Electric Utility company. Because these are Local and Federal Solar rebate programs, not all homeowners qualify. Please contact us to find out if you can take advantage of these live changing programs.

Home Energy Upgrades

2nd Energy provides homeowners with a range of energy efficiency upgrades. From insulation, windows and weather stripping to Radiant Barriers, Solar fans and LED lights. 2nd Energy can create a home environment that reduces the CO2 foot print of the home and SAVES the homeowners in electricity costs.

Energy Audit

2nd Energy starts every consultation with a $250 analysis of the home for FREE in order to determine where the home is wasting the most energy. Eliminating the waste helps customers receive lower energy bills, and lowers the cost of an alternative energy program, such as Solar.

Solar Energy

2nd Energy only installs grade “A” Solar Equipment and uses only licensed and insured employees for every customer Solar installation. 2nd Energy provides the highest industry standards to warranties on Equipment and Labor. The NO SALES consultation to see if homeowners qualify for rebates and help with the application process is all part of the 2nd Energy customer experience guarantee. 2nd Energy has knowledgeable and experience staff to help homeowners through the process in every step of their Solar Energy project. Financing and No Up Front Cost programs are available to homeowners who qualify. Contact us when you are ready to see if that is you.

Because saving the World and saving Money go great together.

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