Special Payrolls

Special Payrolls

Special Payroll is used for items not paid during the normal payroll cycle. Examples of special payroll are employee bonuses, commissions or show fees.


From the Quickbooks dashboard, click WORKERS link located on the left-side menu, then select the EMPLOYEE option. Located in the upper-Right hand corner of the screen is a RUN PAYROLL drop-down. Click it and select the special payroll you would like to run from the two options BONUS ONLY or COMMISSION ONLY. See image below.

Bonus Only Option

Select if Bonus will be Net Pay or Gross Pay. See image below.

If Net Pay is selected – the employer pays both the employee and employer taxes.

What normally happens is Bonuses are run as Gross Pay because the employee pays the normal amount of taxes (Federal Withholding, FICA, FICA MED) on the Bonus and not the employer.

After making this selection. Your screen should look like the image below. Here you would Enter the Bonus Amount and include any memo to be paid by the employee.

Commission Only Option

Your screen should look like the image below. Enter the information into the chart showing class earned. NOTICE: If the employee is missing a section to fill out – go back to the employee setup to add features.

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