Payroll Deductions

Deductions or Garnishments

To ensure employees are meeting their withholding obligations and do not put the company at risk – regularly reconcile these balance sheet accounts.

Deductions must be mandated by law, court order or by evidence of the employee signing a document acknowledging the deduction. 

Common deductions are for State and Federal Taxes, child support, alimony or repayment of employee loans.


From the Quickbooks dashboard, click the WORKER link on the left-side menu, then click on the EMPLOYEE option. You will see a list of all employees currently in Quickbooks.

Select the Employee that needs the Deduction Adjustment and click the pencil image to edit. See image below.

After the next screen opens, scroll down to Section 4 (Deductions) and hit the pencil icon to edit. See image below.

The next screen will allow you to make the deduction selection and adjustments. From here you can input deduction amounts and even set deduction caps (maximum deduction). See image below.

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