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Documents required for Non Contractor Employees

I9 – used to verify the eligibility for employment within the U.S. Documents must be collected for verification.  The I9 form provides 3 lists (A, B, and C) of documents that can be used for verification.

All verification documents must be presented within 3 days of initial hire date.

Documents provided from List A do not require any additional documentation.

One document provided from List B must also accompany One document from List C.

W4 – used to determine withholding rates for employee’s federal income taxes

Employee data into QuickBooks

From the Quickbooks Dashboard. Left-side menu. Select WORKERS. You will see 3 options (Employees, Contractors, and Workers’ Comp). In this case we would select EMPLOYEE. See image below.

You will now see a screen similar to the image below. Click the ADD EMPLOYEE button shown in the image.

Now enter the information necessary to pay the employee. Bank information is only needed for direct deposit. Worker’s comp class code is recommended as is filling out the Profile and Employee Tabs, but those actions are not mandatory.

Now select all the functions for which the person will be paid.  The accounting for each is different.  This will be done by clicking on “Additional Pay Types”.  Image below.

You should now see a screen similar to the one below. Select all that apply.

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