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No solar company in the United States has higher quality standards than 2nd Energy. With an extensive track record of residential systems and commercial projects with recognizable names in business, 2nd Energy’s reputation for quality is second to none.
When you go solar the quality of materials, warranties, design, installation, and customer service are important to customers.  2nd Energy takes a long-term approach to earning trust, and will continue to support customers long after their solar power system is installed.
2nd Energy will put in writing on every customer installation agreement a Best Price Guarantee.  After a customer goes solar with 2nd Energy, if that customer is provided a better price for the same quality system from another company, 2nd Energy is obligated to match it. 
Doing business with 2nd Energy means that customers will never miss out on a deal that comes up in the future.
2nd Energy is focused on attaining savings for all customers, and financial needs tend to vary.  Some customers are focused on the long-term savings, while others want immediate reduction in electrical costs.  With 2nd Energy both are possible.
Flexible financing options make it possible for customers to maximize their total savings and drive down their monthly Utility payment.  2nd Energy has many financing partners to help customers find the right program.

Because saving the World and saving Money go great together.